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Multiple Possibilities - The factors to consider when deciding on your Small Group Training RIG


With the explosion in Small Group Activity that is taking place on the gym floor within fitness facilities, and the vast amount of RIGs available to choose from, making a decision on the type of RIG could lead to the facility to the point of ‘choice paralysis’, or even more disastrous, making the wrong RIG decision. The aim of this article is to explore some of the factors that need to be consider when deciding on the right type of RIG for your facility. In no particular order here are some of the factors/questions that need to be considered/asked by a facility before purchasing a RIG.

What are the facilities values, culture, DNA, message to its members? How is the RIG going to make the facility message visible to its user group? Is the facility about developing performance or is it about encouraging participation? Who are the members that use the facility? Are they Millennials, Baby Boomers or Active Independent Older Adults? Is the facility about supporting the experienced serious recreational exercisers or is it about support individuals returning to exercise? Is the RIG to encourage new member types to use the facility or is the RIG choice to keep up with the industry trends? Does the facility require a harsh looking RIG, full of angles and hostile looking metal, that screams go hard or go home? Or does then facility require a softer looking, more welcoming group exercise RIG?

What type of activities will be performed on the RIG? Is the RIG to be used for squad training? [strength training activities, traditional exercises, multiple people performing the same exercise, multiple bars moving at the same time]. Is the primary use of the RIG for group training? [multiple people performing different exercises at the same time]. Does the RIG need to be customised? Are the individuals/groups who will use the RIG requiring adaptations to be made to the RIG, due the specificity of training?

What space will the RIG occupy? Is your space limited? Will the RIG be positioned against a wall? Will this limit the coach’s/PTs observation of the exercisers?  Can the RIG be positioned with enough space to allow the coach/PT to observe the exercises fully? Is the RIG to be a focal point in the gym space? Will the RIG positioning encourage member use, or discourage member use? Does the facility have the ceiling height for some of the more complex RIG type activities to be performed effectively?

Do the facility staff have the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver Small Group RIG activities to the facility members? Does the RIG provider support with staff education, training and programming?

Choosing the right RIG is a complex and tough decision, there are multiple possibilities, many questions need to be asked, and answered, before making the right choice.

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