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New Year Fitness Guide for the New You


newyearsfitnessguide.jpg2014 marks the start to a new you! Here are five pointers to get you started!


New Year Resolution Tip #1: Structure a Fitness Routine

Set yourself up for success by establishing specific fitness goals for the new year. Then determine which exercises will help you get there, and set realistic benchmarks so that you stay accountable and don’t slip up! 

Looking for stronger, leaner legs? Try indoor cycling, yoga, Pilates, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), step aerobics, jump rope, rock climbing

Looking for a tighter core? Try belly dancing, yoga, Pilates, HIIT

Looking for more defined arms? Try boxing, TRX bands, HIIT


New Year Resolution Tip #2: Don’t Beat Yourself Up 

Sometimes missing a workout is inevitable, and sometimes you do deserve a rest. Instead of beating yourself up about it, stay committed, utilize a personal trainer or workout buddy, and come back tomorrow with the extra effort.


New Year Resolution Tip #3: Make a New Playlist

Workout jams get you moving, and some fresh rhythms will light a fire under your journey toward the new you! Create a new playlist that gets you excited and motivated.


New Year Resolution Tip #4: Plan a Reward System

Humans thrive on positive reinforcement, so why not reward yourself for achieving your benchmarks? This could include a massage, a night of indulgence or maybe a fun weekend getaway.


New Year Resolution Tip #5: Raise the Bar

Establishing a new you means willingly accepting new challenges. The only way to cross that hurdle is to try. The worst that can happen is temporary failure, which should provide motivation to continue improving. Get it done!

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