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Outdated Country Club Turns Six-Figure Profit After Fitness Investments


When a country club maintains a pristine golf course in a lush, picturesque Georgia setting, it can go a long way toward satisfying and attracting members.  However, managers at one Alpharetta, Ga. club found that boosting fitness options is a way to go the extra mile. 

When it came to fitness, White Columns Country Club had outdated equipment and programs.  With that realization, managers began to look for ways to revitalize the club's revenue through dedicated golf fitness programs.

White Columns brought Life Fitness in as a partner to create its programing and facility improvements, upgrading the 1,000-square foot fitness facility and adding new equipment to a 350-square foot Learning Center. It also staffed a full-time personal trainer who would utilize Life Fitness programs to coach members on improving their golf game through targeted exercise. The intent was to generate excitement among members and create news streams of income through fitness.   

And the $70,000 investment paid off. 

Incredibly, a year after the upgrades, the club saw $223,000 in revenue – a $153,000 first-year profit. That figure includes several new or upgraded memberships, fitness program revenue and club fittings in the Learning Center. 

The club now enjoys a steady second income stream and a stronger relationship with its members since creating a coaching environment, said Scott Renner, White Columns General Manager. 

“Now, I have to worry about too many members using the fitness room,” he added. “It’s a good problem to have.”

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