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You’ve completed Couch to 5k, done your first Park Run, embarked on a 10k…. what comes next? For the 250,000 of us who now take part in more than 150 Obstacle Course events each year the answer is OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).

Signing up for your first OCR can feel like a rite of passage and a big change from traditional running events. When it comes to your training where do you start?

In fitness, we often refer to FITT - Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type - as four variables we can use when altering a workout session. When writing programmes we tend to change one or two variables only at a time to enable us to assess the impact they have on performance.


Being able to complete a steady state run is a great foundation for building your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, but the actual demand you face during an OCR is anything but linear.

From Tough Mudder to Spartan, Warrior Adrenaline to Wolf Run, OCR events blend together strength and cardio (referred to as type). If you have limited time to prepare the temptation is often to neglect cardio but come race day when you face a course distance of up to 13 miles you’ll wish you hadn’t!

The amount of time you have to workout (frequency) doesn't have to limit your progress. The answer is to combine ‘get on and go’ cardio equipment like the Integrity PowerMill and RowGX with body weight exercises. Our Warrior workout allows you to seamlessly move from cardio to strength to replicate the demands you will face on the OCR course. Why not grab a buddy and workout together for added motivation?

To get you started in your OCR journey and help you unleash your inner warrior why not try our FIIT inspired workout? Come race day you’ll be one step ahead in overcoming all obstacles in your way.

Ensure you complete a full body mobility warm up to raise the heart rate, mobilise your joints and muscles before the Warrior Strong workout and end your session with a cool down to return your body safely to its pre-exercise state.

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