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Partnership Spotlights Role Fitness Plays in the Golfer's Swing


When an entire organization is dedicated to the research and improvement of a golfer’s swing, it’s only natural that health and fitness would come into play, so to speak, sooner or later.

The partnership that began between Life Fitness and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) more than six years ago was a natural fit, with the powerhouse manufacturer of cutting-edge exercise equipment connecting with the leader in golf performance and education. The result is a healthy match, with a meeting of minds to create some of the most innovative and dynamic programming.   

How It Began

Life Fitness approached TPI to ask them to help the fitness giant speak “the golfers language” to re-educate the country club market about the needed for fitness. Meanwhile, TPI was looking for a brand dominant in the fitness industry, to reflect the education component at the core of its belief system. The rest is history as Life Fitness has traveled with TPI for nearly seven years now, doing all of TPI’s certification events in North America, typically 12 per calendar year. Life Fitness is also TPI’s exclusive equipment provider.

TPI and Life Fitness have been known to hit the road together to blend or share space at various golf events, including the annual PGA Show and the biennial World Golf Summit.

Primary Goals and Implementation

Life Fitness and TPI continues to tap into the North American country club market, which boasts 4,000-plus clubs in the U.S. and Canada. TPI is teaching, training and certifying fitness, medical, golf professionals all over the world to work with golfers of all ages. Once certified, Life Fitness is helping match them up with companies that need their skill set, which is done on a profit split.

Bringing Benefits to the Golfer

At the focus of any program is how it will help the most important person in the equation: the golfer who wants to improve their game. A TPI Certified trainer understands the golf swing and the improved flexibility, stability and strength results in lower golf scores, eliminates the expense of a separate health club membership and enhances overall health.

Bringing Benefits to the Club

A TPI Certified trainer in any club can add revenue from personal training, as well as a likely increase in new memberships. It’s also a way for current members to spend time at the club all year, not solely during peak golf season. A fitness center expands the overall appeal to draw new members and encourage current members to stay.



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