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Personal Trainers to Watch Awards Go Global in 2012


Last year, Life Fitness launched its first ever Personal Trainers to Watch awards which recognized one winner and 10 honorees around the U.S. who serve as role models for those of us looking to live healthier lives. This year, we’re taking the awards global.

Beginning today, Life Fitness and FitPro are giving personal trainers across the world an opportunity to earn global media recognition, $5,000 USD to be put toward a personal training business, a piece of Life Fitness equipment and a one-year membership to world-renowned educational resource PTontheNet.

Personal trainers, clients, friends and family can visit to nominate a personal trainer (yourself or someone else) who is motivating others to achieve a lasting lifestyle change.

Here is what we’re looking for, use this to guide your nomination:

  • Member Experience –give us examples of ways you or your trainer enhances the workout experience. What keeps the clients coming back?
  • Community/Volunteer-- list up to three programs or events that you or your trainer participated in and how it helped the community.
  • Education-- list any certifications or continuing education courses that specifically relate you or your trainer’s area of expertise.
  • Awards-- list fitness or personal training awards received in recognition of professional or community contributions.
  • Tenure- list the number of years you or your trainer has been a certified personal trainer.
  • Clients Served- provide the average number of sessions and/or clients served per week.

If you’re nominating your personal trainer and don’t know all the information listed above, don’t worry. We’ll ask for their email address to complete the nomination form. Fill in what you can.

The entry period ends July 31, 2012. Winners will be announced in November 2012. We’re looking forward to seeing faces from around the world. Check back here for updates as the Personal Trainers to Watch awards progress. 

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