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Run Like a Ballerina: Treadmill Dancing Hits the Web


You can barely dance on stable ground. Yet, when you see these treadmill dance videos you want to try it- don’t you? You find yourself running in step with the beat of your music and think, maybe I’ll just add in a shoulder pump.

Or, maybe that’s just me. And, my love of rhythm has only grown since Life Fitness added music video content to our cardio products. 

Made popular in 2005 by OK-Go in the group’s music video for “Here It Goes Again,” treadmill dancing has become the pop-up fad I hope to witness live one day. At Life Fitness, our first alert to this growing craze was this video of a girl dancing on our equipment. The video is mis-labeled in its Youtube title; I think what the person meant to name the dance was “Awesome.”

And, last November, a treadmill dancing video taped at Planet Fitness, a Life Fitness partner, stirred up national attention when a woman described how she turned a slight trip into a turn, which evolved into a full routine.

The industry reaction by many was to question the safety and liability involved in treadmill dances. Fair concern. But, I speak for the fans of treadmill dance divas, when I say thank you bringing these home-gym basement moves to the mainstream. 

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