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SFIA Connects Key Players in Fitness Industry at Inagural Leaders Summit


Continuing its mission of providing access to insight, information and connections to more than 750 sporting goods & fitness brands, manufacturers, retailers and marketers, the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), formerly the SGMA, is gearing up for the sold-out Inaugural SFIA Industry Leaders Summit.

For more than 100 years, this organization has worked to build a healthier way of life in America, leading the way by representing sports and fitness businesses.  Life Fitness has been a part of this mission as a member and an instrumental partner and we are excited to participate in the Summit, which takes place Sept. 25-26 in Baltimore, MD, to bring together some 200 industry leaders and an impressive roster of speakers.

And the SFIA has big things to talk about. The sports and fitness industry is predicting domestic and international sales growth for this year, as fitness equipment continues to show growth and sports equipment, sports apparel, and athletic footwear are all at five-year highs. What’s more is that fitness participation overall is as strong as ever, with gymnastics, ice hockey and field hockey increasing by 10% over the last two years.  And more SFIA members are planning to manufacture in the United States. These factors mean there is room to talk about forecasting and understanding domestic and global economic trends; there is a need to examine emerging market analysis and it just makes sense to analyze the convergence of technology in sports.

All those areas – and more – will be covered at the Summit. Two outstanding keynote speakers have been selected: President and CEO of RetailNet Group Dan O’Connor will deliver the retail keynote and Emmy award winning journalist, law professor and best-selling author Hugh Hewitt will deliver the political keynote. The wide range of topics from some truly exceptional presenters will also include executives from the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Basketball (MLB), Under Armour, VF Corporation, Monumental Sports Entertainment, Sears Holdings and Emory University.

Launching this historic event will propel the SFIA into the next phase of this influential organization. At Life Fitness, we’re pleased to be a part of the momentum during a time where there is a wonderful enthusiasm for and recommitment to health and wellness.


We’ll see you in Baltimore!

Sports and Fitness Industry Association
Leaders Summit


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