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Six Reasons You Should Try a Summer Boot Camp


Fitness boot camps have become exceedingly popular in the past year thanks to the variety and effectiveness they offer participants.

In 2012, the American College of Sports Medicine listed ‘group fitness’ as a global fitness trend to watch and here we break down the benefit of giving the trend a try.

1. Boot camps offer a total-body workout by incorporating a combination of different cardio, strength and body weight exercises.

2. Boot camps often involve circuits and transitions with constant intensity that will help improve your overall fitness level, burn calories and combat boredom.

3. Boot camps are sometimes held outdoors, making them a refreshing way to stay fit while getting fresh air and a healthy dose of vitamin D.

4. Boot camps incorporate team-building activities that help create camaraderie and social interaction among participants.

5. The friendly competition of group training could also encourage you to work harder and exert more effort to achieve results.

6. Seeing others do the same fitness moves you're doing may open you up to a new technique or approach that you haven't tried before.

Be sure a boot camp class is right for you by getting a fitness assessment to understand your limits and confirm it is safe for you to participate. 

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