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Spotlight on London 2012 Olympic Gymnastics


The 2012 Olympic Games are quickly approaching and here at Life Fitness, we’re getting excited to watch top athletes compete on the world’s largest stage. My favorite summer Olympic sport has always been gymnastics. Gymnasts train diligently and have the rock-hard bodies to prove it. Requiring balance, strength, speed and rhythm, it is of the most challenging sports you’ll see at the games. 

Olympic gymnastics is split into three disciplines:

Artistic: Short routines on different apparatus such as the uneven bars or pommel horse (July 28–August 7)

Trampoline: Acrobatic performances from a trampoline (August 3-4)

Rythmic: Individuals or teams perform using combinations of ballet, gymnastics and dance (August 9–12)

Who should we be watching this year? 

According to The Guardian’s Olympic 2012 Guide, “China dominated the gymnastics in Beijing, winning all but one of the men's artistic events and both the trampoline gold medals. The United States and Russia are strongest in the women's artistic discipline, but Great Britain's success in last year's artistic World Championships has increased expectations.”

Did you know that before Michael Phelps hit the Olympic scene in 2008, Soviet gymnast Nikolai Andrianov had more Olympic wins than any athlete in history? His medal tally includes seven gold, five silver and three bronze between 1972 and 1980. 

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