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Summer Retention: Keeping Your Health Club Busy


Summer is a great time to be active. Health clubs have plenty of competition when it comes to getting the attention of members during warm months, but summer can also be an opportunity to create excitement and energy at your fitness facility. Embrace the change in temperature and try some of these ideas when it’s hot outside to ensure that members want to spend time at the health club.

Cater to Your Population

Students home for summer need an affordable gym to use while being away from university. Formulate a three-month contract membership only for university students that requires a valid student ID.

Appeal to aging populations and members who like to travel during the summer months. Create marketing and programming to encourage this group to get into top physical condition to make summer travel more enjoyable. This shows that your club is committed to their wellbeing. 

Take Workouts Outdoors

A large reason members freeze or cancel their memberships is to be more active outside during the short summer months—go outside with them. Offer outdoor yoga, HIIT classes or other activities that use equipment like kettlebells or light dumbbells that are easy to move.

You can also alter existing small group training to include exercising outside. For example, add a short run around the outside of your facility or a five-minute outdoor cardio session as a warmup to an indoor small group training programme.

Offer Running Programmes

The summer is the outdoor running season. Encourage beginning runners to participate in a running training programme. Set distance and time goals on treadmills for members over the course of a few weeks. Have the training culminate with member participation in a local 5K run (or two) over the summer. Running is addictive, and it’s a safe bet that you’ll see quite a few of these members still putting in the miles on your treadmills when the weather turns cold.

Host Summer Picnics

Picnics and outdoor barbecues provide fun social events and help foster community between your members and your staff. Offer catering from local businesses, outdoor games and fitness competitions. Allow attendees to bring a guest, which provides valuable exposure to potential new members.

Consider the Kids

Summer camps and kid’s activities are great for both children and their parents. Don’t forget your younger members when creating programming for the summer. Sports leagues, day camps, swimming lessons and similar activities all help keep your facility busy.

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