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Synrgy360 Training Models That Work


We launched SYNRGY360™ group training more than a year ago as a pioneering system that provides a full-body workout for exercisers of all levels. It operates like a fitness playground, where you can mix and match seemingly unlimited exercises into one challenging and fun workout session. 


With the flexibility of SYNRGY360 training, facilities have been able to change the dynamics of their business. We’re hearing that some places are using the multifunctional system as the hub of their facility. Other clubs and gyms have added SYNRGY360 training to their class offerings. Some facilities are designating specific areas of their gyms or clubs as SYNRGY360 training spaces.

With limitless possibilities for classes, group training and facility layout, there are multiple ways to get the most of your facility’s SYNRGY360 system configuration. Understanding what works is vital to your facility’s success with the product. 

Here are a few business strategies from facilities already using SYNRGY360 systems to give you and idea of how to get your exercisers excited about your SYNRGY360 configuration and your facility. 


Providing a free 10- to 15-minute demonstration during peak exercising times might be the best way to grab your members’ interest. Exercisers get a taste of the many exercises and training possibilities that a SYNRGY360 workout has to offer, and also become familiar with basic how-to and safety practices. 

The demos aim to make exercisers comfortable with the SYNRGY360 system, so they aren’t hesitant to use it into their next workout, and they also entice exercisers into signing up for SYNRGY360 training classes.


Classes are a great way to get exercisers interested in SYNRGY360 training. Offer an introductory class or discounts on packages. Structure your classes in tiers (basic, intermediate, advanced) to help exercisers progress in their training goals. Facilities can also offer regularly scheduled weekly sessions that exercisers can drop in on and pay for on a pay-per-class basis.

You can also separate classes by training goals. For example, offer a SYNRGY360 class for six weeks centered in weight loss, movement or strength. With the flexibility of SYNRGY360 training, you can tailor classes to your facility’s demographics. If your facility has a large aging population, cater SYNRGY360 sessions toward low-impact functional training. If you have a group of exercisers seeking sports-specific, intense workouts, create a high-energy class around those training goals.

Separate membership

Consider requiring a separate/additional membership for SYNRGY360 training. 

But if you do, make sure to continually promote the training system through demos, free trials or social media. Also, don’t ever hide your SYNRGY360 system in a back room away from the main area of your facility. SYNRGY360 equipment should be a focal point of your facility and never out of the exerciser’s view.

Team training

We’ve heard that facilities are seeing incredible results through SYNRGY360 system team training. 

The team model brings instant accountability. If a group of people have committed to challenging themselves in the gym every week, no one wants to be the person that lets the team down by not showing up. Working in a team provides extra motivation for the exerciser to reach new levels of fitness.

The team model is also ideal for trainers. If an instructor has the same team every week, he or she doesn’t have to constantly explain the basics of the training system. Open memberships risk a different set of exercisers each week, which means instructors have to coach varying levels of expertise in one session. Inevitably, one group of exercisers loses the trainer’s attention.

The team-training model lets instructors get through the basic educational components of SYNRGY360 training in the team’s first session, so they can spend the rest of course advancing through the dynamic exercises that the SYNRGY360 system offers.

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