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The Best and Worst Holiday Drinks for Your Diet


A string of holiday parties and family get-togethers is likely in your future and festive drinks are sure to be served. Make smarter choices when gathered around the tree by understanding the best and worst holiday cocktails for your diet. Those liquid calories have a way of adding up, especially when you top it with decadent family dinners.

The Worst

White Russian (6 oz.) – 374 Calories

Eggnog (8 oz.) – 343 Calories

Kir Royal (6.5 oz.) – 219 Calories


The Best

Champagne (1 glass/4.1 fl oz) – 91 Calories

Make it lighter: Go for brut (dry) champagne.

Mojito (6 oz.) – 167 Calories

Make it lighter: Use a sugar substitute.

Hot Toddy (8 oz.) – 173 Calories

Make it ligher: Use ½ - ¾ tablespoon of honey instead of the stand 1 tablespoon.





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