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The Ellipticals’ #1 Enemy: Numb Toe


The elliptical can be an effective partner when you need to give your knees a break and want a total-body workout. But most of us who are regular users know that numb-toe feeling. You’re running at a steady pace, still have energy to do more, and then right around the 2 to 4 mile mark it feels like your toes are falling asleep.

This happens to everyone, on every brand in the market. But, one of the best ways to prevent or reduce numb toe is to simply make sure you pedal backwards every 20  minutes or so. Numb-toe is caused by constant pressure on the balls of your feet and toes. When you pedal backwards, the pressure moves to your heels, reducing the pressure on your little piggies.

Also, check your shoes. You can experiment with loosening the laces near the toe to allow for more circulation. And, make sure you have the right fit. Your running shoes should be at least a half size larger than your natural size, because as you run, your feet will swell.

We also made some changes to our products to help with numb-toe. The X3 and X5 cross-trainers feature the CoachZone, which offers additional guidance during an exercise, including the ArmToner and GluteToner programs. The program will prompt you to pedal backwards to ensure maximum workout comfort.

And, the X5 and X8 cross-trainers feature the FlexPedal. We took the patented LifeSprings from our treadmills which give a runner cushion as they land, and placed two directly under the foot pedals on our cross-trainers.

Although this thing we call numb toe is annoying and even frustrating at times, remember, 10 minutes forward, two minutes backward, repeat.  

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