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The Science Behind the Fight


“I’ve studied the science behind training and I apply proven scientific methods in delivering it.”

It is through the application of this philosophy that mixed martial arts (MMA) champion Nick ‘Headhunter’ Chapman has launched Fight Science – a brand new concept in gym-based training for the U.K.

Located in Aldershot, Fight Science opened just over a year ago, turning a former British Army boxing gym and 20,000 sq ft of floor space into a state-of-the-art facility.

At 36 years old, Chapman has (somewhat astonishingly) been on the MMA scene for only two years, taking his first title “UK1 MMA Light Heavyweight Champion” in 2011.

With roots tracing back to the ancient Olympians, MMA is a full contact combat sport that has spanned the centuries and evolved over time to include influences from Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, wrestling, kickboxing, Karate and weaponary martial arts, among others.

The history, the art and the ‘science’ behind the sport are things that Chapman has taken time to understand, with Fight Science gym being the result of his passion.

“It’s all about the science – and you can’t argue with science”, he smiles.

The interior of Chapman’s facility reflects his dedication; there are sprint training stations, full-size 26ft cage, areas for tire-lifting and sled-pulling, climbing ropes and a fully equipped fitness suite by Life Fitness, boasting both Elevation Series Inspire cardiovascular equipment and specialist strength equipment from Hammer Strength, including Ground Base machines, racks, benches, dumbbells and kettlebell sets.

Alongside all of this Chapman has installed Hammer Strength’s HD Elite Half Rack/Power Rack – one in a brand new line of highly durable racks that Hammer Strength builds to order for extreme training conditions. The kit has provided a good fit with Fight Science’s current focus on functional training, cross-fit and military style bootcamp.

 “I believe HD Elite was made for places like Fight Science”, says Chapman. “We use it here for strength and conditioning training with our athletes, since it offers a diverse range of options for activities incorporating free weights and compound movements. We conduct group sessions on it, deliver one-to-one sessions on it, and of course allow members to independently design their own workouts using it.

Fight Science offers everything from martial arts classes to power lifting clubs to personal training and nutrition programs.

“Everyone is welcome here; mums, dads, weight-loss clients, bodybuilders. What’s more, we do not tolerate attitude or ego, making Fight Science a great environment in which to train, no matter who you are or what goals you have,” says Chapman,

In the future, Chapman plans to roll out a Fight Science franchise model across the UK, along with a conditioning model in conjunction with the Harley Street Sports Science Professors.

And for Chapman personally?

“I am very excited about the year ahead. Now that the business is running smoothly, I can focus more attention on my fight career; maybe take a shot at the UFC.”

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