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Three Concepts That Will Advance Your Personal Training Career


ThreeConceptsThatWillAdvanceYourPersonalTraining.jpgIn my experience as a personal trainer, I’ve discovered three core principles that have contributed to my personal success and success with clients. If you follow my lead, I believe you will experience the same results.

1. Potential clients are right in front of you! Opportunities are everywhere. Clients may be colleagues, friends, neighbors or Facebook friends. Find them and market your skills to them; you are your brand.

2. Give each client 100 percent commitment! Focus completely on your client, they are your business. Listen to their questions and needs while you observe their progress and technique. It’s important to give them the one-on-one time and training they were looking for when they signed up with you.

Ask yourself these questions when working with a client: What are you seeing? What are they saying, or not saying, and what are they not doing? How motivated is your client? What motivates them? How is their emotional state? Are you pushing them too hard or not hard enough? Are they happy or not enjoying their workouts? How can you encourage and empower them? 

3. Analyse each session. By reviewing your clients’ workouts and reflecting on areas of improvement, you will discover new styles and improve your program delivery technique. Are your sessions meeting your clients’ needs?  Are they emotionally buying in? And most importantly, are they staying engaged and getting the results they seek?

I may not always understand my client’s needs initially, but building a trusting relationship with each of them is pivotal to my success as a personal trainer. Focus on building long term relationships, display empathy, and work to understand your client. Dive into their emotional profile and work with their strengths and weaknesses. The personal advancements of your clients will advance your abilities as a personal trainer.

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