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Three Strategies for Building a Successful Club


ThreeStrategiesForBuildingASuccessfulClub.jpgRunning a gym, health club or fitness facility isn’t a turn-key operation. Remaining competitive and improving customer service requires continuous dedication and creative ways to find new clients. It’s also important to keep the current members coming back on a regular basis. Consider the checklist of ways to expand your business potential.

Maintain the Equipment

Strength and cardio equipment has a price tag; you can’t let your investment go to waste. Perform preventative maintenance on all machines so they’re in top operating condition. Your clients won’t come back if your equipment fails to perform to their standards. Also, be mindful of your equipment warranties and extended parts agreements from the manufacturer, and take advantage when necessary.

Nobody wants to use dirty equipment, so keep it clean. Wipe down your equipment throughout each day of operation, as it makes the experience more inviting to your clients. Remember, they’ll share their good experiences with friends.

Develop Marketing Initiatives

Sure, public awareness of your facility can spread by word-of-mouth, but how many new members does that bring in each month? Two, maybe three? As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Implement a strategic advertising plan that drills the image of your gym into the minds of potential customers in the area. Try a mass mailing  but do it more than just once.

If your budget doesn’t allow for advertising, try a client referral program. Offer incentives for existing members who introduce fresh faces to your facility.

In conjunction with the first two, expand your reach through social media. Likes on your Facebook page and followers on your Twitter account is free and gives your fans the ability to share your club with their friends. Additionally, social media is a great channel for communicating promotions, features and special events directly with clients.

Create Additional Sources of Revenue

You have the equipment and you have the clients, so you’re good, right? WRONG. Find a way to bring something new to your gym. Hire personal trainers to add value to membership premiums. Personal trainers can serve as a resource for members wanting to maximize their workouts and can lead fun group activities like Synrgy360 sessions.

Design apparel and other for-sale items with your facility’s logo. This not only is an easy source of revenue, but your logo on sweatshirts and coffee mugs is FREE ADVERTISING.

Are your machines equipped with Life Fitness Discover Cardio consoles? If so, you have the opportunity to use those screens as advertising billboards.



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