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Tips from a Discover Super User - Part 1


The Discover tablet consoles have what we at Life Fitness like to call “discoverable depth.” You can hit quick start and get going right away, or you can personalize your indoor workout experience with options on-screen and on

For those who want to discover more of the cool features on our Elevation Series products, check out a few of my favorite features: 

Data View:

Click into each data point on the screen to customize the type of data you see (or hide it all together). If you’re an LFconnect member, you can even create and save your data settings online and they will be there every time you log onto the machine. 


Life Fitness Workouts:

We’ll get in to accessing your own custom workouts in our next installment, but did you know Discover equipment comes pre-loaded with workouts? My favorite is the Cascades workout.

Lifescape Fun Facts:

You’ll notice the Lifescape button in the lower right-hand corner. This feature will take you on a virtual tour of France, Italy and more on your run. Bonus: Your workout can also be educational with fun facts about your surroundings popping up every so often. 

Go at Your Own Speed:

The walk/jog/run buttons are usually set to 2mph/4mph/6mph, but did you know you can customize those on the console as well? Maybe you walk at 4 mph, jog at 5.5 mph and run at 7 mph. Just click into the speed button and have custom speeds at your fingertips.

Discover Super User


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