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Tips on how to increase your swing speed


With The Open coming up this weekend, our Life Fitness Academy Master Trainer Phil Calvert shares his top tips on how to increase your swing speed.

Swing speed is one of the top season focuses that I have been working on with Jane Tuner, Female golf pro.

Every human that has held a golf club on a tee box dreams of the sweet strike and that 300 yds.

When you see the professionals on the television, little is explained on how much work goes on in the gym during the off season to allow their torsos to reach such speed! There must be a mix of flexibility and stability with an emphasis on power.

Typically, Jane’s work out will include:

  • Using the DAP or Synergy 360 cable you can cover a lot the movement of the swing whilst adding weighted resistance. I chose to use the long hand grips and brake the swing down in to two movements. The high to low and low to high. This can be done by adjusting the high of the pivot point on these versatile pieces of Life fitness equipment.
  • Then we move on mid torso cable rotations. I start with the weakest side and then move to the strong side this allows for natural fatigue. These movements are loaded to 75% of the client’s max and they rotate at speed placing emphasis concentric forces on the control of the eccentric movement back.
  • Still focusing on rotation speed, we look to use sand bag floor slams and power balls to release on the swing set up position with a wall target and release at the mid follow through point.
  • Then we finish with flexibility which is very important for the rotation and protection of the back during the swing.
  • We look to do a half hour post stretch after each session and one day a week do a full hour of specific stretches where we use resentence bands and many TPI stretches.

Image: Female golf pro Jane Turner

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