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Tips from Jason Glass: Improve Your Golf Game by Warming Up

About the author: Jason Glass is a TPI certified trainer and one of the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches focusing on rotational power. He trains and consults for athletes and teams from the PGA Tour, NFL and NHL. Jason is an international lecturer and presenter on the topic of human performance and athletic development. Learn more at or listen to his podcast on iTunes. 

The Masters just wrapped up, which means spring golf is right around the corner. The most important thing you can do to start the 2016 golf season is to change the way you think. Most golfers feel that the best way to lower their handicap and get the most out of their golf game is to practice their short game, spend hours on the range and hit drivers until their hands are raw. This approach will get your game ready for your club’s first member/guest tournament but if you want to really make a difference, change your body.

Is golf just about scoring low? Isn’t it also about the golf experience? The walk, the fresh air, and that feeling you get when you find the center of the club face and watch the ball effortlessly land in the middle of the fairway. Ensuring that you enjoy the round, and avoid needing an ice pack when you get home, requires a game plan.

You will enjoy golf a lot more, and I guarantee your game will improve, if you are moving better and feeling better. Here is a dynamic warm up to ensure you do just that.

The pre-round warm up needs be simple, require no equipment other than a golf club and be performed on the driving range in golf clothing. All movements should be conducted in a space no larger than a range stall. Avoid movements that distract fellow golfers or interrupt their pre-round preparation.

Below is an example of the simple and effective on-range golf warm up that you can incorporate into your pre-round routine. My PGA Tour and LPGA players perform this warm up before each round and every practice session. I have a good feeling it might just work for you as well. Enjoy your round!


Dynamic Warm Up
  • Linear Leg Swings: 8 reps each leg
  • Lateral Leg Swings: 8 reps each leg
  • Torso Rotations: 8 reps
  • Body Rotations: 8 reps
  • Coil and Fire: 6 reps each direction




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