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Top Ten TV Shows to Workout To


Let’s admit it – one of the best parts about running on a treadmill or sweating it out on the elliptical is getting to watch some of your favorite TV at the same time. But, not just any show will do for a great workout, so I bring to you my Top Ten TV Shows to Workout To:

1. Survivor – The ultimate workout motivation? Knowing I would be the one to survive on a deserted island.

2. Biggest Loser – For obvious reasons.

3. CSI: Miami – The awesome action scenes in a city with a year-round bikini season will definitely motivate.


4. Ellen – Keeps me laughing so I don’t even realize I’m working out.

5. Workout – This Bravo show is a guilty pleasure, but it’s hard not to kick up the resistance level watching all those personal trainers.

6. Amazing Race – Action, adventure and serious entertainment – I can easily spend an hour on the elliptical watching this show.

7. Glee – With teenagers belting out Journey songs every other scene, it’s like being in a high-energy ‘80s music video for your entire workout.

8. MTV – If you’re lucky you might catch a music video or two, but these days
it might be better just to access the thousands of On-Demand music videos on Lifescape. 

9. Sports – Watching athletes do their thing always makes me work a little bit harder.

10. Dr. Oz – Dr. Oz would be proud that you’re working out, so skip the guilt trip you get from watching it on the couch and learn a little health and nutrition as well. 

What’s your favorite show to workout to? Leave a comment and tell us! 

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