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Train With Your Own "Olympic" Team


Watching great teams compete in the 2012 Olympics can be truly motivational. Although you may not qualify for any Olympic team sports in the near future, you can still use this surge of inspiration to find your own workout partners and create a winning team.

Not only will a workout partner keep you accountable, but it can add some variety to your workout. If you feel bored with your current routine, mixing it up with someone else by your side might be just what you need.

Here are some ideas on how to get moving with a friend:

Do your cardio workouts together. Whatever motivates you to keep going is a good thing. Walking, running, cycling or taking a cardio class with people you know can all be great ways of filling your need for social interaction while fitting in your daily exercise. Oftentimes people who work out together find they work out a little harder and longer than when they exercise alone. This may be due to friendly competition, or it may just be that their companion distracts them; either way, it’s a plus! Look for workout buddies with similar fitness capabilities, so you and your friends can stay together and progress at a similar pace.

Hit the weight room with a partner.  If lifting weights is a regular part of your fitness routine, then you could probably benefit from having a spotter. Your partner can help you get to your next level, helping you lift that extra 10 pounds that may be dangerous by yourself. Don’t forget you can help each other keep track of breathing and reps, too, and provide that good old pep talk when the last set seems too hard to finish.

Go “boot camp style.” Going to the gym by yourself is one way to build muscle, but there are also many exercises you can complete using your partner’s body weight as added resistance. Consider doing a few wheelbarrow pushups or assisted pull-ups. Adding in a few fitness accessories might be a good idea, too; try ab crunches with a medicine ball toss and resisted sprints using a band around your partner’s waist. By using another person to add resistance, you can work out together anywhere and get the effects of a great muscle-building routine -- not to mention a little extra intensity and fun.  

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