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Tricks to Tune Out While You Tone Up


The concept known as ‘flow’ involves finding something you enjoy doing so much that you lose track of time while doing it. It’s always important to stay mentally aware of your movements when using fitness equipment, however, you can trick your mind and body into losing track of time and getting into an exercise ‘flow’ with a few tricks. .

TV doesn’t have to mean sedentary. Multitask by watching TV when you work out and you may be able to find the ‘flow’ more easily. The TVs in your gym are meant to act as healthy distractions while you exercise.

Try aligning your next gym visit with timing of a favorite TV show – watch it from a fitness machine instead of your couch, and let your mind escape while your body continues working out.

Music can help you tune out.  Music has the ability to motivate you to push harder or increase your speed to match the beat of songs. By listening to music that you love, you can let your mind wander and not focus so much on tired legs or a rough day at work. Plus, you can create playlists that help you run faster on the treadmill, or calm your mind if you go for a long walk. Put those ear buds in and find your exercise ‘flow’ with music.

Travel around the world while you work out. Instead of staring at the time clock on your machine, you can take your eyes and mind on a trip around the world with virtual workout programs. With products like Lifescape you can bike in France’s Col de la Colombière or run in California’s Trinity Mountains, and the integrated machine controls increases in resistance, incline or speed to replicate an authentic outdoor experience.

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