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Truck Drivers StayFit with Fitness Facilities on the Road


Staying healthy can be a challenge when your job consists of sitting in a truck for up to 12 hours per day. In fact, statistics from the National Institute of Health show that more than 50 percent of truck drivers are obese, compared to the national rate of 26.7 percent. TravelCenters of America/Petro (TA) recognized an opportunity to provide its customers with tools to battle this growing problem. That’s why they launched the StayFit program in 2010 to provide fitness facilities and healthy lifestyle programs, free of charge to TA rewards members.

TA currently has 42 fitness centers across the country with 50 more planned for the coming year. Modeled after the hotel industry, each gym is laid out to provide the most effective workout in the small spaces available at their locations. Each contains three pieces of equipment: a Life Fitness elliptical cross-trainer, Dual Adjustable Pulley and Lifecycle exercise bike. In addition to providing a full-body workout, they also focused on choosing equipment that was durable and would require little maintenance by their store staff. TA has found huge success with the program with over 40,000 visits to their gyms over the past two years.

The program doesn’t just stop with fitness facilities. StayFit is built on four pillars meant to provide a full healthy lifestyle program for truckers:


The StayFit program provides its members with access to healthy living information, educational materials, articles and health fairs.


Eating healthy on the go is challenging, especially when truck stops are famous for processed foods with high sugar and fat content. The StayFit program has added new healthy options to its menu, easily recognized by the StayFit icon. They have also added more fresh fruits, veggies, sandwiches and salads to their offering.


In addition to the fitness centers, TA has 15 locations with basketball courts and promotes outdoor fitness activities by providing safe running/walking trail maps to visitors and even outdoor fitness equipment in some locations. Their goal is to one day have an exercise opportunity at every location.


The final pillar of the program is to provide incentives that motivate drivers to take advantage of these opportunities. Participants receive rewards card credits every time they swipe into the gym or purchase healthy food options.

Here at Life Fitness, we’re seeing a shift in our industry that focuses on corporate wellness, whether that’s in a cube or on the road. We are excited to partner with TravelCenters of America on such an important program.

Learn More: TravelCenters of America StayFit

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