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The Ultimate Power Training Workout


This is the time of year that many cyclists build their “base” and for many cyclists it can mean hours of long slow duration (LSD) training and that just isn’t as much fun as tearing up the tarmac and enjoying a racy pace ride.

With the onset of the cold weather it can also mean bringing your training indoors which is a great opportunity to add a lot of measured value to your training. The issue is that for those who love being outdoors with friends, the very idea of long hours alone indoors to “build a base” just doesn’t appeal. However, the great attribute of indoor Power training is the higher value that it can deliver by allowing full control of the environment. Essentially you can get more work done, more specifically, and in less time. One hour of directed Power training indoors can benefit hugely if you’re training the right systems at the right time of the year.

So… The question is, what system should we be training at this time of year?

Assuming that the riding season starts around mid-late Spring, then this time of year should be all about the greatest return on your training investment to develop your Power foundation. With the relationship between training time and intensity being unavoidable, then it’s a case of getting the intensity right so that we can maximise our limited time, and provide the right amount of training stress so that adaptation can continue to occur without peaking too soon and being a January hero who is exhausted by April. To this end your time right now needs to be focussed around a majority of Sweet Spot and lower-threshold training which will give you what you need without having to spend multiple hours in the saddle.

This workout named “The Scorpion” asks for effort through the full cadence range and provides a moderate 75 TSS with an IF of 0.86. It’s testing and fun with plenty to focus on throughout so the time will pass quickly and it’s wrapped up with a little sting in the tail!

The Scorpion

If your ICG Power Trainer has HEAT mode enabled then working in HEAT or ON FIRE should be self-explanatory but if you aren’t that lucky then this explanation will help you to maximise your training. HEAT refers to a training zone that sits across the border of Zones 3 & 4 and constitutes 85% - 95% FTP. ON FIRE is a traditional Zone 6 and is found between 121% - 150% of Functional Threshold.

For all other zone information take a look at the table below.


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