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How to Create the Ultimate Small Group Training Program


The Sportspark facility in Norwich, UK has a clever and motivating approach to small group training. The small group training area there went from a nondescript daycare center to the exciting SYNRGY360 Face Off training facility.

How did SportsPark do it?

Sportspark used a pair of Life Fitness SYNRGY360 systems to create the dynamic SYNRGY Face Off. Local sports teams, schools and friends use the SYNRGY360 area to compete and have an engaging experience with their workouts. Face Off uses an array of lights and TVs for visual appeal and splits groups into red and black teams. The teams compete to complete as many reps of timed workouts as they can. The addition of competition to SYNRGY Face Off enhances motivation and excitement.

How did SportsPark benefit?

Exciting and creative programming attracts new exercisers, aids in member retention, and grows revenue streams. Its secondary benefit is highlighting the ingenuity of the club and creating buzz. And, instead of individual exercisers, Sportspark brings in entire teams, schools and large groups of people. Acquiring members is no longer an individual challenge, but one involving groups.

How can you recreate SportsPark’s success?

Creating a unique small group training area is limited only by the imagination and knowing what appeals to your exercisers. Variety helps keep small group training fun and exciting. SYNRGY360 and SYNRGY Blue Sky systems are configurable, and allow for any facility to mix up its training routine.



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