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Webinar: Open Platform Fitness


You might have heard that Life Fitness recently launched the industry’s first and only open platform fitness products. Opening up our API to app developers allows the best creative minds to develop applications that work directly with our equipment—ideas that we might never have dreamed up. With an open platform, Life Fitness teams can focus on honoring our legacy of building the highest quality advanced workout equipment, while developers use their expertise to create engaging, motivational and personalized applications for exercisers.

With more than 40,000 fitness and health apps on the market, shouldn’t exercisers be able to use the same apps they already love outside the gym, inside the gym? 

This is totally new territory for our industry. If open platforms, APIs and mobile app development sound like gibberish to you, you’re not alone. That’s why I’ll be hosting a webinar next week to help you understand open platforms and how this movement is going to change our industry and your business.

We invite facility owners, app developers and all interested fitness enthusiasts to join us, along with fitness app developers from Runtastic and Lose It!, for a one-hour webinar that will explore these topics and the future of the fitness industry.

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Webinar: Open Platform Fitness

Host: Life Fitness President Chris Clawson

Date: March 14, 2013

Time: 1pm EST

  • Learn what having an open platform really means
  • Understand the difference between an open and closed system
  • Hear how app developers at Runtastic and Lose It! are working with new open platform fitness equipment
  • Learn how open platform fitness equipment can help grow your business
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Open Platform Fitness
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