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Wellness is Taking Over the Workplace


It seems that employers have caught on to the fact that healthy employees can equal lower insurance premiums, fewer sick days and less short-term sick leave. Not to mention, happy, fit employees are usually more productive and well, happy.  As a result, there are more ways than ever to use the workplace as support on the path to get fit.

In fact, worker incentive programming is steadily moving up the chart of the worldwide fitness trends since its first appearance in the Top 20 in 2011. Take a look at five corporate wellness trends that are part of the health and fitness wave pouring across the globe that could be coming to an office near you. 

Letting more light in.

Some workplaces even physically look different with a variety of spaces, sitting and standing areas. Those spaces will be comfortable, with more inviting materials and colors to remind you of home, with lower partitions and more glass to provide natural light for well-being. 

On-site fitness centers and/or expanded lunch hours to accommodate workouts.

Many office managers are beginning to offer extra time on the lunch break for employees to go work out. Even more, some offices are turning break rooms, old storage rooms or other dead space into a friendly gym by tossing in a couple of exercise bikes or treadmills. 

Running or walking club.

The American Heart Association has step-by-step instructions to starting a walking club at work with its Worksite Wellness Kit. Offering tips to map routes, drum up co-worker enthusiasm and more, the AHA stresses that some physical activity just 30 minutes a day can positively impact your health. The program also has an activity tracker app on the AHA website. Groups of employees are encouraged to walk, run or jog on their lunch break or another set time during the day. 

Access to healthier food options.

The vending machine in the breakroom stocked with sugar-laden drinks and snack cakes full of fat are things of the past at some companies serious about taking control of employee wellness. The office parties that used to include cake, donuts, brownies and every other artery-clogging pastry may be cleaned up a bit as well, with more trays of fruit and veggies. 


Has your workplace gone the way of the healthy and fit? Tell us how in the comments.

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