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What a Difference a Year Makes!


As a personal trainer with a pretty unconventional career path, I've been able to reach thousands—even millions—of people through the platform, where I create free online fitness videos and workout plans.

Despite the reach I have online, I never expected to be selected as Life Fitness’ 2011 Personal Trainer to Watch! Now that I have been named an official judge of the 2012 global Personal Trainers to Watch program, I wanted to share a bit about how my win has impacted my career as a personal trainer.

Winning the 2011 program was a true honor that I will never forget, and a distinction that I will always carry with me as a professional.

And the timing of this award was perfect: SparkPeople was just about to release my first major DVD "28 Day Boot Camp" nationwide when I was named winner of the Personal Trainers to Watch program. Winning the nation-wide program allowed us to get a great deal of press, both locally and nationally, which provided many opportunities to promote our brand and the DVD. Since my Personal Trainers to Watch win, the DVD has become an and Target best seller!

The award was widely covered not only in trade magazines for fitness pros, but consumer publications as well. Personally, the win also brought work opportunities my way, including paid speaking engagements and offers to hold an advisory role for various brands and organizations. The effects of winning the Personal Trainers to Watch award have been truly immeasurable.

One thing I can't emphasize enough is to apply—just go for it!

Thanks so much to Life Fitness for recognizing the work of so many amazing trainers who are dedicating their lives to improving the health of the nation. I am excited to judge this year's entries and look forward to passing the torch to another amazing trainer this year!


Coach Nicole a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and health educator who helps people of all skill levels integrate simple but powerful fitness techniques into their daily lives.

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