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What Makes You a Good Personal Trainer


What makes a good personal trainer?

Depending on who you are and what you value, the ideal personal trainer might be different for all of us, but here are my thoughts on the subject:

1. A personal trainer must have passion and authenticity. You have to love what you do from your heart and soul so your clients believe in you and that you believe in them. Your passion and belief will give them the confidence to trust and believe in themselves. 

2. Have empathy and understanding for each client as an individual. Every person is different, so finding out what makes them tick: their goals, dreams, fears, limitations and lifestlye is key to helping them make the changes they want. Work with their lifestyle and support them with their mental and physical changes while being mindful of the difference between what is normal for you and what is normal for them.

3. Continue to learn, grow, and stretch boundaries. The fitness industry is young and is always changing, meaning it’s important to constantly update and enhance your knowledge. This keeps you fresh, keeps your motivation high and offers your clients at their best. Learn from great coaches, model excellence and seek out the people who inspire you. Travel to them, read, and learn from them. Training in business, advanced NLP, Hypnotherapy, Sports Therapy combined with all my fitness knowledge gives me a unique edge to promote change, inside and out. But remember, the key to giving your clients success is by filtering your complex education into an easy way for them to understand and use.

4. Identify and use niche areas of “speciaslims” that you’re known for in your areas of expertise. This allows trainers to get results for the people you know you can support. It will also give you the opportunity to write for magazines, present at conventions and gain ambassador roles that help to promote your message, build a strong reputation and enhance your overall business skills.

5. Give back. Since I started Energised Performance, we raised over £33,000 for charity by doing free Team Energised Charity Events and Coach Extreme Challenges. These events both raise money for worthy causes and introduces new people to fitness, which is an empowering feeling.

6. Do as you preach. Trainers focus on empowering the client and turning him or her into their best. To accomplish that, you need the courage to achieve your own goals – even if the road there is difficult and uncomfortable.

On an end note, it’s important to remember that you are your brand. The way you work with your clients and the way you train them reflects on you and your business.

Represent yourself through your mind, body, language and thoughts while enhancing your motivation to make personal achievements. In turn, you’ll receive the reward of loyal clients and good business.

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