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What to Watch at the Sochi Olympics


WhatToWatchinSochi.jpgThis February in Sochi, you’ll find stars, sports, and spectacle, all draped in wintry white and captured by media from around the world. Yet besides the competitive poetry that is the Games, a bigger concern emerges: just what exactly are viewers supposed to watch?

What to Watch

Ice Hockey: The sport that pits teammates against each other as they play for their country. Olympic ice hockey carries with it a revered history, the glitz of Hollywood adaptations, and many of the best players in the world. Few competitions define winter sports like hockey, and this one is not to be missed.

Figure Skating: For the Winter Games, most events are rugged in their physicality or spectacular in their daring. Only figure skating exudes the grace of a performance piece. And if it seems boring, just wait for that hushed moment when skaters leave the ice for a triple axel.

Skiing and Snowboarding: From ligament-straining tests like the slalom to Evel Knievel stunts on the half-pipe, the skiing and snowboarding events are a high-octane treat filled with memorable characters, dramatic outdoor surroundings and the requisite surprises.

Who to Watch

Shaun White: The Tony Hawk of all things subzero, the Flying Tomato has two Olympic gold medals in the half-pipe, unrivaled charisma, and something new to prove: that he’s not too old. Look for him to pull out all the stops, and watch for his vaunted new move – the frontside double-cork 1440.

Mikaela Shiffrin: Described as the Mozart of skiing, this 18-year-old slalom prodigy is already the youngest American to be a World Cup champion, and has high hopes to bring home gold in Sochi.

Bode Miller: He was sidelined last season due to injury, and the 36-year-old skier seems well aware that it’s now or never to bring home another Olympic medal. Many eyes will be on him during the Games.

How to Watch It

Online Streaming: NBC Sports is streaming everything live online, which is why it might be smart to register for their Live Extra site and get the smartphone app.

Social Media: NBC Sports also has Instagram, Twitter and Vine accounts that will be updated with behind-the-scenes photos and videos. 

Television: With coverage spanning five channels, the television schedule is massive so make sure to check the lineup to see what’s coming up.

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