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Why SYNRGY360 Adds Value to Your Facility


For clubs seeking creative ways to increase memberships, they may want to explore the allure to small group training and study how it transformed a club in Europe.

In the last few years, Aerofit Healthclub in Wassenaar, Netherlands, went from 1800 clients to 1400 despite having physically tripled the size of their facility several times since their doors opened 17 years ago. In June 2013, Aerofit Healthclub added a SYNRGY360 unit to their gym where they now offer small group training classes taught by trainers trained by Life Fitness Academy (LFA). Since implementing this form of group engagement without a premium hike, Aerofit Healthclub is experiencing an increase in membership for the first time in a long time.

“Aerofit has been using SYNRGY360 since June, and the reactions of our members were unanimously enthusiastic,” said Frank Reijn, co-owner of Aerofit Healthclub. “We’re seeing that members bring their friends to try SYNRGY360 with them, too.”

Aerofit Healthclub identified a few ways that SYNRGY360 adds value for their clients:

Providing a back-to-basics routine

SYNRGY360 group sessions give busy members a fun solution for a schedule that only allows for 30 minutes of fitness each day. Plus, the workouts aren’t complicated to learn.

Making fitness goals reachable

Depending on a session’s focus, small-group trainers help participants achieve speed, balance, and strength improvements. SYNRGY360 workouts target different specific goals, and the group setting keeps members motivated and engaged.

Offering more variety

The database of over 300 Life Fitness-produced SYNRGY360 exercises on YouTube makes small group training workouts fresh, interesting, and interactive for both new and experienced members.

Additionally, Aerofit Healthclub features a SYNRGY360 workout of the month. These workouts are filmed and posted to their YouTube channel at “AerofitHC” and shared with their club members via social media.

For an introduction to the excitement behind small group training workouts and SYNRGY360, have a look at this clip. What can SYNRGY360 bring to your club?

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