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Workout of the Month: 30 Minute Full-Body Blitz


Three months after IHRSA 2012, I still find myself buzzing from the workouts we demoed on the Synrgy360. If only I could fit a unit in my garage! Since I knew this wasn’t realistic, I did the next best thing. I came up with a similar concept that works in my garage, using only the resistance bands I have lying around. If you want to feel the burn, give this heart rate-raising workout a try:

Warm up: Perform each of the three warm up exercises for 60 seconds

  • Hip Swings – Forward and Back → 30 seconds per leg
  • Hip Swings – Side to Side → 30 seconds per leg
  • Bridge w/Single Leg Raise → 30 seconds per leg

Workout: For the workout, you will perform the cardio exercise for 60 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, and perform the strength exercise for 45 seconds. 

(RB = Resistance Band)

Cool Down: Jog or walk for 3 minutes around the neighborhood or block to bring the heart back down to a resting rate.

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