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Workout of the Month: Major Muscle Moves


This simple workout has only three exercises and six reps, but will give your major muscle groups a great workout.  

As always, I wanted to give this workout a try before I shared it with all of you. On a 90+ degree day, I grabbed an extra large bottle of water, put on my best sweat-wicking workout gear and headed to the soccer fields behind my house. Those empty soccer goal frames make for a great location to hang my suspension training straps!

With my warm up out of the way via my walk to the fields, I was ready to get started. Doing six reps of three exercises, I chose a leg press exercise, an upper body pull exercise and an upper body press exercise. The key was to find the resistance that would allow my body to fatigue equally.

Because I was using suspension training straps, I didn’t adjust the resistance but my body position in relation to the anchor point, as well as the intensity.

If you give this a try at your gym on Signature Series selectorized single stations or Hammer Strength plate loaded pieces, you will be able to simply adjust the resistance. While everyone is different, try to choose a weight that allows you to do six reps without struggle, but not so light that it doesn’t challenge you. Again, the key is find the appropriate resistance that will allow the various muscle groups to fatigue within a similar time frame.

The workout:

6 Reps of Leg Press

6 Reps of Upper Body Press

6 Reps of Upper Body Pull

Repeat the exercises until you are not able to do anymore.

Don’t forget to include a few minutes on either side of your workout for the warm-up and cool down. 

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