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Workout of the Month: Upper Body Blast


Last week's Fit Tip was all about getting your arms ready for sleeveless season, so I put together a workout to get you moving towards that goal. Try out this Upper Body Blast to get toned arms by summer.

Begin with a warm-up of 5–10 minutes of low to medium intensity cardio. Then, kick it up a notch and start the workout with 5 minutes of medium to high intensity cardio. Immediately following the cardio, jump right in to the strength exercises below. Repeat the cardio and strength for a total of 3 times.

To keep an elevated heart rate for the entire duration of the workout, rest should be as minimal as possible when transitioning from cardio to strength.

This workout should take roughly 30 minutes, but don’t forget to take the time for the 5 minute cool down at the end.

Upper Body Blast

Warm Up

5 – 10 minutes of low to medium intensity cardio


5 minutes of medium to high intensity cardio


Cool Down

5 minutes of low intensity cardio



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