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With rigs of all shapes and sizes now being a regular feature on the gym floor, and with a huge variety of quality small equipment available that together can contribute massively to a group experience, the aim of this blog series is to explore how these factors can contribute to the success of a ‘Group Training’ on the gym floor. 

Group Training
success in group training
making a success in group training
success in group training part 3

Yesterday I had the pleasure and excitement of visiting the Burgess Hall in St Ives, the venue for the inaugural Team ICG UK Evolution Ride on January 19th 2019. I was there to visit with the lighting and sound team and discuss lighting requirements for each of the 8 awesome sessions that we’ve got planned. I have to say that I was so impressed with the lighting production and can fully envisage how the mixture of LED beams, Hydrabeams, lanterns, moving heads and lasers will really be an integral part of your experience throughout the day.

Evolution Ride UK
Evolution Ride UK 2019
Evolution Ride Experience
Evo UK Ride 2019

About the Author: Kevin Rail is an internationally known and sought after fitness coach featured in the documentary films, Fasting and The Motivation Factor. He specialises in functional training, core training, three-dimensional movement, motivation and restorative arts. He has a B.S. in sport management/fitness and wellness and is certified through ACSM, NASM and ACE.

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