Doyle Armstrong

Doyle Armstrong

Doyle has worked in the fitness industry since 1999 where he began life as a fitness instructor whilst completing his degree in Sports Science and Physical Education. Upon completion of his degree he worked in both the public and private sector within a variety of roles including Personal Trainer, Studio Instructor, Studio Coordinator, Fitness Manager and as part of the management team.

Following a competitive sports career in Martial Arts, Doyle also honed his skills as a sports coach from age 16 and translated that into indoor cycling in 2004 combining his love of the outdoor pursuit with his interest in training and development. As an ICG® Master Trainer Doyle has taught in over 35 countries on 5 continents whist helping develop terrestrial education teams throughout the EMEA region. His unique combination of operational experience, passion for competition and coaching abilities have seen Doyle be a key part of the development of ICG®’s unique coaching programmes and current product portfolio.


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This is the time of year that many cyclists build their “base” and for many cyclists it can mean hours of long slow duration (LSD) training and that just isn’t as much fun as tearing up the tarmac and enjoying a racy pace ride.

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It’s great having access to data, but it’s only really useful if you understand how it can help you to make better sense of your workout and reach your goals with greater ease and efficiency. With many Power Trainer’s the data set is huge and so understanding what to use and when to use it can be tricky. At ICG® we make Power zones very easy to understand with the Coach By Color® programme but what other metrics should you use. Here’s a quick guide of which data to track to help you keep improving.

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The IC8 Power Trainer breathes a fresh lease of life into the commercial indoor Power Trainer market. Its functional design is matched only by its good looks, and the quality of the fit is matched only by the quality of the data. Here are three IC8 features that you should be aware of that’ll help you get the most from each of your IC8 Power Trainer sessions.

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