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IC8 Power Trainer Indoor Cycle

  • IC8 Power Trainer
  • High-performance indoor cycle for high-intensity interval training.
  • IC8 Power Trainer
  • IC8 Power Trainer Console
  • IC8 Power Trainer Resistance
  • IC8 Power Trainer

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IC8 Power Trainer Indoor Cycle

Inspired by the movement of road and triathlon cycling, the IC8 is a high-performance indoor cycle for serious riders and a challenging power trainer for all athletes. With greater power accuracy, wattage and performance data than any other indoor cycle, the IC8 delivers superior results for facilities running cycle-specific coaching, high-intensity interval training and endurance training.

Life Fitness IC8 Chain-driven Freewheel with a 13.75 to 1 ratio, helping this indoor cycle feel like a high-performance bike.

Chain-driven freewheel

13.75 to 1 ratio chain-driven freewheel provides complete control of accelerations and allows for coasting to recover. The design allows the IC8 to feel and perform like a high-performance outdoor cycle.

Life Fitness IC8 Magnetic Resistance with 100 variable levels of resistance choice for complete control over the indoor cycling experience.

0 to 3800 watt magnetic resistance

The 300-degree dial offers 100 clicked increments and displays the resistance level as 0-100 on the WattRate TFT computer. The large range of watts meets the high-performance demands of athletes.

Life Fitness IC8 Direct Power Meter provides the most accurate reading on indoor cycles using the WattRate® direct power meter.

wattrate® direct power meter

The most accurate power meter in the industry offers a direct measuring tolerance of +/- 1%. Photocells directly measure the torsion of the spindle, and never require recalibration.

Life Fitness IC8 with WattRate® TFT Computer, connecting to external devices for an enhanced digital training experience.

wattrate® color tft computer

A bright, self-powered, integrated TFT screen and a front LED. This patented feature displays training intensity for both user and trainer/coach. Connects training data to external devices via optional Bluetooth and ANT+.

Life Fitness IC8 Handlebars with different positions for all types and experiences of riders.


Road and triathlon inspired handlebars include drops, hoods and time trial forearm rests.

IC8 Adjustments

Easy Adjustments

Four-way adjustments ensure a finely-tuned fit for all riders. Handlebar and seat integrated user-assist technology makes adjustments smooth and easy.

IC8 Q Factor

Q Factor

A 155mm Q Factor provides the feel of a real road bike. The result is added comfort and improved pedal stroke efficiency.

IC8 Q Factor

Q Factor

A 155mm Q Factor provides the feel of a real road bike. The result is added comfort and improved pedal stroke efficiency.

Powerful Performance
IC8 Powerful Performance

With direct power accuracy of +/- 1%, right and left leg power measurement, and 0 to 3800 watts, the IC8 Power Trainer brings unlimited potential to peak power, FTP and active recovery training.

Train Like You're On the Road
Train on an indoor cycle engineered to deliver the ergonomics, drive and feel of both a road and triathlon bike. Be as relaxed or as aggressive as training dictates and, with the chain-driven freewheel, experience total control of quick accelerations and coasting to recover.

“If you’re a cyclist, and you want to improve, this is your indoor trainer. The IC8 is the halo of indoor power bikes.”

-HUNTER ALLEN, Peaks Coaching Group


Technical and servicing


Computer power supply Self-powered generator with LiPo battery
Max user weight 330lbs (150kg)
Assembled weight 119lbs (54kg)
Assembled dimensions (L x W x H) 52in x 20.5in x 40.2in (132cm x 52cm x 102cm)

Bike technology


Computer WattRate® TFT
Training intensity guide Coach By Color® (user and instructor)
Connect technology Bluetooth and ANT+
Workout tracking ICG Training App
Power measurement (watt) WattRate® Direct Power Meter (+/-1%)


About ICG
An indoor cycling class using Life Fitness ICG indoor bikes.

About ICG

ICG, which joined Life Fitness in 2016, has been motivating, mentoring and measuring positive change in the lives and rides of the global fitness and sporting community since 1995.

Striving for excellence in indoor cycling has made ICG a global leader specializing in the design, manufacture and programming of premium indoor cycling equipment. 

ICG’s performance reflects the focus, determination and passion that embodies the company. For more than 20 years, ICG has been reaping the benefits of a culture that consistently pushes the envelope and creates a better riding experience year after year.


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