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Rachel Glew

Rachel is backed by a decade's practical experience, and combines her role as a Life Fitness Academy Master Trainer with running her own Lifestyle Change and Personal Training company; ‘Strength In Motion Fitness®’. Specialising in providing feel good experiences designed to increase strength, self-confidence and happiness Rachel’s mission is to empower her clients to live their lives in a state of balance not extremes.

Using her 10 years experience at Life Fitness, Rachel enjoys designing and delivering bespoke training solutions aligned to individual Life Fitness customer values and needs.  Working in consultation with David Lloyd Clubs for over 3 years Rachel is responsible for the creation of their quarterly SYNRGY classes. Rachel’s mission is to help educate instructors on how they can develop their coaching skills so they can move away from no pain no gain mantras and provide a positive fitness experience to all Members regardless of age or ability.


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Trying to maintain a comfortable pace as you run around a strange new world of electro shock therapy, Gladiator style travellators, mud miles and burpee challenges can feel daunting! Building power based intervals into your workout can help get your body used to switching between its different aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and different levels of intensity.

Interval Training

You’ve completed Couch to 5k, done your first Park Run, embarked on a 10k…. what comes next? For the 250,000 of us who now take part in more than 150 Obstacle Course events each year the answer is OCR (Obstacle Course Racing).

Signing up for your first OCR can feel like a rite of passage and a big change from traditional running events. When it comes to your training where do you start?

Obstacle workout
Training workout
Obstacle Course Race
athletic training

In September 2016, we all watched in admiration as Olympic champion Alistair Brownlee sacrificed his own place to help his brother Jonny over the finish line at the Triathlon World Series. As a nation we appear to have been inspired by the Brownlee brothers success; UK triathlon participation rates have surged over the last few years, and with the Triathlon Industry Association reporting 10,000 new UK participants in 2015 and a 15% growth in industry spend.

Brick training
triathlon training
integrity workout
Integrity Series

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