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Providing operators with a seamless transition to the most effective digital fitness solutions to aid member retention, drive decision making, uncover new revenue opportunities and create customer intimacy.



Our Approach

We offer a unique approach combining a mix of consultancy, management, education and analysis to recognise and overcome the challenges that may be faced by a facility when moving towards a new digital solution. We work with a trusted partner Promax to deliver this service who have a team of highly skilled professionals with a broad depth of experience.

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Our Experience

Our team knows that simply installing software or apps does not guarantee traction or successful adoption. They work closely with facility managers and staff to ensure customers make the transition as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This ensures the chosen solution becomes embedded within the organisation and reaches the desired stakeholder outcomes.

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Digital Transformation Events

Cutting through the noise in digital fitness


Life Fitness, in partnership with Promax are running a series of 3 free digital transformation events to support you in your digital journey.

These events vary in level and content and aim to challenge perceptions and provide clarity on the right digital path for each facility.

Topics covered in the event include:

Digital Transformation Event 1 - Cutting through the noise in Digital Fitness
This event aims to break the myths around digital and why going digital is NOT dependant on a gym refurbishment. We will show you how to deliver increased service levels with digital, without increasing staff resources and get your organisation in shape to "Go Digital".


Digital Transformation Event 2 - Generating value for your customers
Opening your thoughts and vision towards the top 10 Digital Business Operations Models, we take a look at how these are defined, what they really mean for you as a fitness facility, and how they can translate to build a sustainable digital solution. 


Digital Transformation Event 3 - Developing your digital roadmap
The final event in this series really focuses on how we can utilise the knowledge, models, strategies and tools to truly make a difference in how to utilise digital tools to deliver outcomes that really matter. We will discuss best practice and efficient methods to drive and create revenue for your facility as well as delivering the best in class service to differentiate yourself.


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