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Discover SE3 Workouts Hero

Available Cardio Workouts

Select the best workout for your goals.

If you usually choose Quick Start, you're missing out on all the benefits of the preprogrammed workouts available on Life Fitness products.

Discover SE3 HIIT workouts

HIIT WOrkouts

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) refers to exercise involving periods of intense exercise followed by periods of recovery.
Benefits of HIIT training:
HIIT training provides enhanced metabolic afterburn because elevated oxygen consumption during the workout continues to burn calories even after the workout is finished. The body utilizes fat as the fuel to recover, which reduces body fat levels.


Discover SE3 Give HIIT a try

give hiit a try

Select the "Starter Interval Program" under Goals.
Discover SE3 Workout Timing

Determine a workout time, e.g., 20 minutes.

Select a low- and high-intensity workout level
e.g. 3.0 mph (low) and 6.0 mph (high). Push start.

You can use the timer at the bottom right of the screen to track your intervals.

We suggest starting at 30 seconds high intensity and 60 seconds low intensity.

Discover SE3 Heart Rate Workouts

Heart Rate Workouts

Keeping track of your heart rate during exercise has many benefits:
  • It tracks your progress, so you can see your heart becoming stronger and more efficient as your resting and exercise heart rates lower over time.
  • It's a safe way to monitor your workout intensity so you can get the most out of your workout.
  • It's easy. Life Fitness has digital heart rate sensors that are set up through telemetry and Bluetooth. It is intuitive and simple to get accurate pulse readings.
Discover SE3 Select Heart Rate

Select the "Heart Rate" workout under Goals.






Discover SE3 Timing Setup

Set up your workout by inputting the time, your age and workout type. The program will automatically set your heart rate range.

After a three-minute warmup, the treadmill will adjust incline (non treadmills adjust through resistance) to get you toward your target zone.

Recommended workout levels
(% of your age predicted for duration of workout):
Beginner: Moderate Burn (65%)
Advanced: Vigorous Burn (80%)
Discover SE3 GPS Workouts

gps workouts

Want to train the same way you race? If you run or bike outdoors, the LFconnect app tracks your routine via GPS. When you log back in using Life Fitness equipment, your outdoor routine is replicated. The treadmill will even change incline based on the GPS data of your outdoor run.

To track an outdoor run or bike using GPS, select Outdoor GPS from the LFconnect app menu.

Simple select Start and begin your workout.


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