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Keith Smith, LFA Global Master Trainer

Keith has worked in the Fitness Industry in the UK for 20 years, in both the private and public sector, working as a Gym Instructor, Studio Teacher and Personal Trainer with a wide range of different client groups.

Working as a tutor and assessor in the Fitness Industry since 1995, delivering recognised industry qualifications (UK) for both general and specific population groups.

Keith is our LFA Global Master Trainer and a highly skilled educationalist with extensive experience in course delivery and provides education all over the world, equipping fitness professionals with knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful in the fitness industry. Contributing to the design of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses and workshops that the LFA deliver in the UK, Keith is passionate about creating positive, comfortable learning environments, that allows the individual learner/student to develop to their full potential.

Keith’s unique approach is to utilise current industry insights, and then build out the skills required by the learner, to meet current industry understanding. Keith does not only show what to do, he also teaches how to do it. Keith’s education approach is to place the exerciser/member, at the centre of the process to investigate and develop the behaviours required by instructors and Personal Trainers, to build exceptional exerciser experiences.

A believer in the importance of reflective practice in the learning process to ensure skills and behaviours are imbedded and that continued development and feedback is just as important as the learning, if the individual is to be successful.

Keith has vast experience at designing bespoke educational interventions for small and large operators.

Educational Qualifications

  • Certificate in Education [1997] Canterbury University
  • D32, D33, D34 [assessor awards]
  • External Quality Assurer Qualification – working towards

Industry Specific Qualifications

  • CYQ Exercise Referral for Clients with Specific Controlled Conditions
  • CYQ Gym Training
  • CYQ Client Appraisal
  • CYQ Circuit Training
  • CYQ Functional Training for the Independent Older Adult
  • CYQ Advanced Fitness Instructor
  • YMCAfit Coaching and Supporting Change
  • CYQ Client Retention
  • CYQ Sports Conditioning
  • CYQ Instructing for Ante/Post Natal Exercise
  • YMCAfit Inclusive Fitness Initiative [disability module] Levels 2 & 3
  • First Aid at Work [2016]
  • Laterlife/CYQ Chair-based Exercise
  • Laterlife Training OTAGO module
  • British Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation [BACR]
  • YMCAfit Suspension Training

Best Advice

Find exercises/activities that you enjoy

Favourite Exercise

There is no one exercise. I enjoy a variety of different circuit type approaches, and exercises

Favourite piece of Life Fitness equipment

HD Athletic RIG. Because of the possibility of multiple activities.

What qualities do you believe an exercise professional requires to be successful in today’s industry?

There needs to be a balance between trustworthiness and competency, warmth and strength [not physical], love and ability. These are the two sides that define an outstanding instructor. These are the primary dimensions of social judgement. An instructor needs to remain on-top of the latest trends and training information, but they also need to demonstrate their ability to create a sense of community. These traits are so important because they answer two fundamental questions for the member/exerciser: What are this person’s intensions towards me? And Is she or he capable of acting on them?

How do you see the industry changing over the next few years?

More unique exerciser experiences as individuals think about who they are, and who they are targeting.

What is your personal motto?


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