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Paul Russell, LFA Master Trainer

Paul has been with the Life Fitness Academy since 2014 and is a highly motivated educator. Increasing exercise participation and adherence among the general population, Pual is committed to continued personal, and professional development in the fitness industry. He is keen to embrace new thinking, approaches and techniques and to create inclusive learning experiences that will have a positive and long lasting impact.   

Founder of The Fit Box, Paul is responsible for developing bespoke fitness education and training solutions alongside the day to day running of one of the UK’s first Small Group & Personal Training Clubs. With a passion for the format, developments and options available within small group training, Paul is skilled in coordinating and planning multiple bespoke training programmes. Paul works with a broad range of clients, educating, supporting and training to help them achieve success and develop new skills.

Paul has been delivering education in the fitness industry since 2006, and as well as his work with LFA and his own academy, lectures at St Mary’s University in Twickenham. As a Life Fitness Academy expert educator, Paul offers a knowledgeable and professional learning experience, teaching customers not only how to use the product but how they can benefit most.

Paul’s expertise is shown with his flexible and professional training style – providing education to suit the requirements of the facility and individuals; and helping develop experience and skills for anyone he trains.

Fully committed to his own personal and professional development, Paul is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Strength & Conditioning. His mantra with respect to education is learn teach learn repeat.


  • University of Greenwich: Professional Certificate in Education
  • YMCA CYQ Certificates:
  • Full Personal Trainer Award including;
  • Gym Training
  • Circuit Training
  • Advanced Fitness Instruction
  • Advanced Weight Training
  • Functional Training for the Independent Older Adult
  • Exercise Nutrition
  • Walking & Training in Different Environments
  • Client Appraisal
  • Fitness Testing
  • Client Retention
  • Core Stability and Sports Conditioning
  • YMCA Assessor Training
  • Strike! Strike! 2
  • Padwork for PT
  • Kettlebells
  • Triathlon
  • Bootcamp
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Exercise & Pregnancy
  • Suspension Training
  • Kettlebell Training Academy: Level 1 Instructor, Level 2 Instructor
  • Performance Stability: Movement Fundamentals
  • Gym Jones: Fundamentals
  • Occupational Health Services First Aid at Work

Best Advice

Mostly do things that make you happy, but also some things that make you nervous, as if you’re not prepared to lose, then you’re not prepared to win. Share inspire and encourage others to do the same.

Favourite Exercise

There’s something about a Dip. Oh, and the Kettlebell Snatch. And Squats. Recently I have been enjoying the Barbell Bent Row. I like the Deadlift.

Favourite piece of Life Fitness equipment

Anything big and meaty with a Hammer Strength badge gets me entirely more excited than it probably should, and I can’t walk past an incline plate loaded leg press without wanting to saddle up and lift stuff. If I need to get sweaty then nothing hits the spot like the Flex Strider, and I really enjoy the rope pull on the SYNRGY, and I love kettlebells, and the Cable Cross Over Machine. These are really hard questions.

What qualities do you believe an exercise professional requires to be successful in today’s industry?

The ability to differentiate between the wants and needs of the fitness professional/enthusiast community, and those of the general population. To understand how to support individual growth and ensure that exercise prescription is tailored to the client/member.  And to make a commitment to their own professional development, which would include recognising the importance of taking time off , 'you can't pour from an empty cup'. 

How do you see the industry changing over the next few years?

Clearly the role of technology will continue to develop, but what is really encouraging are the new breed of gyms, clubs and PT's who are creating fresh and exciting member/client focused experiences, lead by face to face contact. The fitness industry has been playing catch up with regards to customer service, but when it does this could see us starting to connect with a much wider audience. 

What is your personal motto?

Actually I have 3. The message on my morning alarm reads ‘make it happen’, while when things get tough and I have made the commitment to myself to succeed I will mutter under my breathe that ‘I can and I will’, and so as to reinforce that actions speak louder than words my professional motto is ‘it’s what we do’.

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