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Country clubs are known for prestige, gravitas and green acres. Now they’re learning to extend their reach beyond the fairways and into fitness. The trend toward adding blended gyms in country clubs has provided a lucrative opportunity for general managers, and a chance to keep members in the club when they're not on the course. 



Titleist Performance Institute

Overview: Life Fitness has an exclusive partnership with Titleist Performance Institute that creates opportunities for both country clubs and members. Trainers from TPI perform assessments, create programming, and offer hands-on corrective assistance, improving the skills of the golfer and the quality of the club.

Club Benefits: A TPI Certified trainer in a club increases revenue from personal training, attracts new members, and gives current members reasons to spend more time at the club.

Member Benefits: TPI Certified trainers understand the golf swing, and their expert tutelage improves performance on the course. Members improve flexibility, stability, and strength, which results in lower golf scores. With TPI, members improve both their health and their game.

Blended Gym focused on general population workouts.

BLENDED GYM: Life Fitness recommends a "blended gym" for most country clubs, which focuses on general population workouts, meets the needs of year-round golf training programs, and includes the right mix of equipment to support other country club sports like tennis and swimming. The broad appeal helps members stay involved through fitness, and encourages many to forgo memberships at other health clubs.

JUNIOR GOLF PROGRAMS: For family-focused facilities, Life Fitness offers consulting for the planning and implementation of junior golf programs, and the equipment needed to achieve your goals.



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