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Life Fitness Synrgy360 Exercisers
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Small Group Training

When exercisers are motivated they keep coming back. Small group training motivates through camaraderie, accountability and energy. It is a powerful way to excite and engage exercisers in any fitness facility. 

Life Fitness GX Series With Synrgy r4

Group exercise (gx)

The GX portfolio of products are at the intersection of complementary design and functional balance. Each product is purpose driven to have practical workout synergy with the rest of the group. And each piece is designed to create a uniform look and feel within a facility. To aid in group exercise versatility, they are all easy to move and store away.

Life Fitness Studio Collection

Studio Collection

The Studio Collection was designed following unified color direction, and builds on the psychology and preference of user function. The simple, organizational benefits and accessibility make the studio collection perfect for exercisers and club owners alike.

Life Fitness ICG Indoor Cycling Bikes all in a row.

Life Fitness Cycles

Powered by ICG

Create the ultimate indoor cycling experience. Top-of-the-line, award-winning indoor cycles combine eye-catching design with an enhanced digital experience. Nearly limitless adjustment options ensure a comfortable ride for most exercisers.

Life Fitness Synrgy360 Exercisers


A groundbreaking group training system designed to create memorable experiences for all exercisers. Several configurations and accessory options create nearly limitless workout possibilities.

Hammer Strength HD Elite Gym Productonly


As rugged and intense as exercisers expect Hammer Strength to be. Performance training on HD Elite Racks is for exercisers who want to ratchet up the intensity of their small group workouts.

Hammer Strength HD Athletic Accessories Half Rack Combo


Modularity lets any facility build a unique and exciting performance small group training area.

Life Fitness Selectorized Circuit


Circuit Series requires no set-up adjustments and has intuitive push-button controls, making it an excellent introduction to strength training and a great choice for circuit training workouts. 

Circuit Series is perfect for the active aging community, new exercisers or users looking for convenient and effective strength training.

Life Fitness Accessories

Explore Life Fitness accessories to provide your facility with a wide variety of training possibilities.


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