Life Fitness indoor cycling powered by ICG


Indoor Cycling

Group cycling creates an encouraging and energetic atmosphere. Life Fitness provides indoor cycles for everyone from beginners to cycling experts.


Life Fitness indoor cycling powered by ICG

Life Fitness Indoor Cycles Powered by ICG

State-of-the-art indoor cycles. This fleet of six bikes combines striking, award-winning design with an enhanced digital experience. The Coach By Color intensity guide, WattRate Power Meter and connectivity to external devices provide encouragement and engagement, and make the indoor cycling experience unlike any other.

The ICG Event Experience

Experience an indoor cycling event like no other! These events are specially created by our ICG National Master Trainers, to challenge you, excite you and leave you wanting more!

ICG Open Access Education Events

We pride ourselves on delivering world class Open Access Education training on all aspects of the ICG experience. The ICG education programmes have been developed to support personal trainers and group fitness instructors to do the job they love.

ICG Digital Experience


The state-of-the-art engineering of ICG indoor cycles combines with engaging digital technology to create extremely memorable exerciser experiences.

ICG Accessories


A range of accessories available to compliment your ICG indoor cycle.

Life Fitness Lifecycle GX

Lifecycle GX Bike

Rooted in the heritage of the first electronic exercise bike created by Life Fitness nearly 50 years ago. The Lifecycle GX bike is inviting, stylish and easy to use whether in a group exercise setting or as stand-alone cardio equipment.


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