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Life Fitness Design


Great design eloquently solves a problem with intelligence and simplicity. We mesh design with engineering and make sure they work together according to what users want or need.

Design Detail of Mold
Design Swatches Samples

Industrial design is based largely on how users interact with the product, and intended to make products both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Compelling Design

Tom Cray, Industrial Design Manager

Observational research and examining other products in other industries provide answers on how to create products that create memorable experience for exercisers.

Life Fitness Thoughtful Design

Thoughtful Design

Aesthetic design doesn't stand on its own. It requires a framework of functionality. Every detail is considered in order to design fitness equipment that is inviting to all users.

Life Fitness Aesthetic design framework of functionality.

The Life Fitness design team conceptualizes and refines ideas skillfully and quickly.

Life Fitness Innovation Design


The Cintiq pen display lets the creative minds at Life Fitness bring the most innovative new products to life.

Life Fitness Innovation Design


The 3D printer lets us create molds of specific parts in-house, quickly and without the need for expensive machining.

Life Fitness Innovation Design


Life-size foam models allow the design team to inspect every detail of each new product. This saves time, money and ensures that each product is fit for every exerciser before it ever shows up on the production line.


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