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The Rise of the ICG Centre of Excellence - Surrey Sports Park


This week we shine a light on our Centre of excellence at the 7500-member Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. Based at the University of Surrey’s exceptional sports facility in Guildford, the Sports park has what can only be described as world-class fitness facilities and now their indoor cycling space stands up to that label too. From it’s opening in 2010 the Sports Park was an Official Spinning™ facility and had always delivered traditional Spinning™ classes on classic Spinner® bikes, but last year they made the decision to do something more, something different, something market-leading.

In January 2018, Alice Wearn, the site’s Health, Fitness & wellbeing coordinator looked seriously at ICG® and what we do, because she wanted to create something amazing and was keen to appeal to a wider demographic by providing a broader range of indoor cycling experiences. Despite looking at the offerings from Precor and Keiser, the ICG® eco-system impressed her most; not just a bike, or a single programme, but rather multiple programmes with great appeal and an outstanding support network with true professional development for her instructor team.

Surrey Sports Park set out on this journey with a goal to create one of the best indoor cycling studios in Surrey. The ambition was 100% real and matched by the realisation that whilst the product mix is key, engaging and exciting the team who will deliver the experience, and in turn your members who bring the energy was equally important for success. According to Alice, “ICG® has the whole package. The bikes are great, but the digital systems, the ICG Training app, education, training and community really sold it to us.”

The bikes were set to arrive in June 2018 but before then ICG® worked closely with the Surrey Sports Park team to fully re-design all aspects of the studio space. Consideration was given to bike number, layout, lighting, sound and visuals. The customer journey was key to creating this particular destination.

The bikes arrived, and the team didn’t immediately launch the ICG® programmes, but rather maintained the traditional style of indoor cycling (formally Spinning™), now called Park Classic. Instead they let the customers to just enjoy the new studio design and the new bikes. The feedback was overwhelmingly good, but the instructor team knew that there was more. Every programme was carefully integrated allowing time for the instructors to receive the training delivered by the ICG Master Trainer team, plan, prepare, practice, and become comfortable with the new programme format before launching with confidence and success.

The first programme integrated was Coach by Color after approximately 6 weeks of the bikes being in club. A well-structured FTP induction process built the foundations of the very successful launch of the programme and feedback was superb. 8 weeks later the Myride®+ Live Coaching programme was introduced and again, the customer feedback was excellent. In January 2019, the team launched the final ICG® programme, ICG® Connect, a data-driven connected, competitive experience driven by leader boards and team battles.

The integration of every programme was expressed with excitement by the instructor team who had been developed, educated, stretched, questioned and inspired by the Team ICG Master Trainers. They felt that they had been invested in and valued and that they were a key part of the new success of Surrey Sports Park’s indoor cycling revolution.

So, did it work? Did Surrey Sports Park succeed in becoming the best indoor cycling studio in Surrey? Well, there are now 4 more classes per week, providing a total of 100 extra spaces over all 4 programmes. Occupancy levels are up to 80%, a full 10% higher than the same month last year before the investment and the demographic has changed.

Change was difficult previously because the offering was so narrow that any change seemed to be met with resistance from the small group of riders who utilised the space (albeit very frequently). Now change happens frequently in the space and new riders try new formats to find their favourite ICG® experience. Essentially, the integration of ICG® provided a platform for wholesale change on a programme that seemed stationary. New studio, new bikes, new education, new programmes, new opportunities, and new riders. Member feedback has been fantastic and obviously we love it, that’s why it’s an ICG® Centre of excellence. But don’t take our word for it, visit the team. If you haven’t been we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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