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Team ICG Master Trainers


Doyle has worked in fitness for over 20 years and has been an ICG Master Trainer for ICG since 2005. Before specialising in indoor cycling, Doyle’s background was in operational fitness and competitive martial arts at an international level. He is approachable, knowledgeable, passionate and well-respected as a trainer and educator. Doyle has taught internationally and has engaged large audiences of riders with a precisely planned blend of music, visuals and creativity.

Fun Fact – Doyle once got knocked out by a baked bean!


Anoushka has over 10 years’ experience in indoor cycling, weightlifting and kettlebell training. Her love of group fitness and team training is reflected in her
position as presenter, programme creator and master trainer across several leading fitness brands. Anoushka’s innovative use of music and exercise programming
ensures that you leave feeling motivated and uplifted.

Fun Fact: It’s Noush’s 40th Birthday this weekend #letspartyonabike!


Ollie has spent more eight years in the fitness industry, starting out as a fitness consultant and personal trainer. With sport and fitness being his main hobby and passion, he has completed various challenges including an Ironman triathlon. Known for his excellent people skills and vibrant personality, Ollie loves to teach and inspire others to reach their potential. Ollie brings plenty of expertise, energy and beautiful music to light up the room.

Fun Fact: Ollie is ambidextrous. He can kick right footed, write left handed and play tennis right handed!


Leah has spent the last six years working in the fitness industry after graduating from university. While indoor cycling is her main passion, she is also writing a fitness and lifestyle book. Her working life has been dedicated to fitness, from management roles with various operators to personal training. Leah’s music choices are often evocative and her calm, clear and persuasive coaching style reflects this.

Fun Fact – Leah once ate a whole family sized cake before going to the gym!


Maddy started her career in fitness a few years back having always had a passion for keeping fit with a background in ballet, jazz, tap dance, gymnastics and outdoor road and mountain biking.
More recently she has rekindled her love of outdoor cycling by competing in both ‘Ride Surrey’ and ‘Ride London’.
Maddy excels in creating motivating, educational and inspiring sessions across all the ICG platforms and shares this breadth of knowledge by delivering ICG education courses and indoor cycling events.
What drives her is her interest in helping people to achieve their full potential.


Stacey has over 25 years of teaching experience in the group fitness industry, specialising in indoor cycling as well as kettlebells and pilates. She is a presenter and trainer at international fitness conventions and presents on commercial fitness DVDs, regular educational and instructional DVDs. Stacey is also a programme designer for Kettlercise UK, responsible for Combat-MX and Kettlercise release programming and design.

Fun Fact: Stacey once fractured her elbow trying to get out of a sweaty sports bra!


Owain began his journey in health and fitness in 2010 and, with a passion for group exercise, has coached indoor cycling and other disciplines ever since. He has a passion for supporting trainers to create unique experiences to encourage existing and new participants to experience the power of indoor cycling. In addition, Owain has also worked as a General Manager within the industry and is a qualified football referee, officiating at the highest tier of domestic football in Wales.



Zahra has been involved in the fitness industry since 2007 and found her love for indoor cycling whilst studying sports science at university. She believes in bringing passion and fun to her training so that her love for the ICG products can be passed onto everyone she trains and educates. Working as a Group Exercise Manager and Personal Trainer, she motivates members to help them reach their fitness goals.

Fun Fact – Zahra one had her backpack stolen by a camel while trekking through the Sahara Desert!


Ross has worked in operational fitness for 25 years and has a wide spectrum of sporting competition experience from swimming to basketball. Graduating with a Sports Science degree, Ross fell in love with indoor cycling and combines music and visualisation in his classes with a natural, infectious enthusiasm to inspire people to ride. Ross is recognised for his expertise in delivering flowing rides using music and video.


Sheena has been coaching on the indoor cycling circuit since 2014 and has been passionate about cycling, indoors and outdoors, for over two decades. As an enthusiastic “roadie” and velodrome rider, Sheena brings her experience to bear on both her classes and education presentations. A qualified chartered accountant and Finance Director by day, Sheena also has a track record in education through lecturing in the professional accountancy regime. Sheena's passion for music and cycling creates a powerful combination and coaching style that is unique and innovative. 

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