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Life Fitness take the next step

Take The Next Step

Your facility is a hub that brings together exercisers, personal trainers, programmes and equipment to drive an exceptional fitness experience. But have you learned to improve that experience at your facility and extend it past your walls?

At IHRSA 2018, Life Fitness is introducing the fitness software solution that facilitates meaningful connections.

Ellie connects with Life Fitness

Ellie has been a member in your fitness facility for three months. Knowing Ellie's actions, wants, needs, goals and progress are the key drivers for the future of your business. With Life Fitness digital solutions, you get a simple answer to a complex question - what captivates members and keeps them engaged?

Tom connects with Life Fitness

Tom is a personal trainer looking for a way to digitally connect with his clients. He wants a quick and easy way to communicate his training programmes and keep clients up to date.

Small Group Training for Ellie

Small Group Training

Whenever Ellie's at the gym, she's intrigued by the performance small group training sessions she sees happening around the club's rig setup. She's drawn to the community she sees and is inspired by the challenge of trying something new. She registers through the facility app and gets a follow-up notification and personal introduction from Tom.







Effortless Interaction

Effortless Interaction

Ellie's goal is to lose weight. Tom creates and shares a fat burn programme via the facility app that includes the new Arc Trainer. Ellie can now track her workouts and Tom can see her progress in one single place. When she completes her fat burn programme, she plans on creating her own version to give herself some variety and try other motions on the Arc Trainer.







Life Fitness Challenges


Ellie didn't realise she was competitive. When the club sent out a challenge to see who could log the most cardio minutes for the month, Ellie found herself coming into the gym every day. She started logging her outdoor runs and recreated her favorite hill runs to become one of the leaderboards' top contenders. With the help of push programmes Tom sent out, she doesn't even have to spend time planning her workouts.







Ellie's ongoing motivation

Ongoing Motivation

Ellie is now receiving inspirational email messages from her gym that motivate her and keep her up to date on all events, programmes, classes and promotions the facility has to offer. In just a few short months Ellie has formed a connection to your club and values the community that she's a part of. 







Learn more about our exciting new software solutions at IHRSA San Diego.

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